2016 - Pippa

2016 - Pippa
Infant Airway Damage

Pippa Beaudoin is a 5 year old Midlothian resident who was born 3 months early which caused some major airway damage. She received her first heart surgery at the age of 4 1/2 months repairing multiple areas of the heart. She is awaiting a second surgery in the future.

Her cardiologist is trying to hold this surgery off until around age 8 to allow her to grow more. She traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio for a total airway reconstruction. This journey began May 1, 2015. She had her initial surgery May 18, 2015 and today continues to travel every 6 weeks for treatments to her airway.

She received an emergency tracheotomy two days before her first birthday. The Beaudoin’s have always had one major goal – for her to have a normal airway. They are insured but their insurance pays at a lower rate as they are out of state. They both state their most costly expense has been the traveling (hotel stays, gas, meals and all other travel expenses).

They had prayed they would be finished with all surgical procedures at Cincinnati Children’s by December 2015. This unfortunately did not happen. As of today, a completion date has been estimated as December 31, 2016.

As noted above, Pippa does have insurance and her parents do work. Without the assistance of others, these trips would not be possible. Though this was a tough fact to accept, the family quickly learned it was impossible without help. Being selected by Our Sunflower Kids has been a true blessing. Pippa has a sister Karleigh, age 17.