2018 Varmint Hunt

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Cost is $150.00 per team - up to a 4 man team 33% payback $100.00 SIDE POT ENTRY FEE (100% PAY-OUT) YOUR SIDE POT ENTRY FEE WILL BE DIVIDED BETWEEN 3 CATEGORIES: HEAVY COYOTE - $50.00 HEAVY CAT - $30.00 HEAVY HOG - $20.00 Rules No more than 4 people per team. In event of a tie on Heavy Weight Jackpot, the team with the heaviest animal will break the tie. A tie in most animals of that species and biggest animal of that species, will be broke by total weight of the two heaviest animals of that species. All animals must be harvested between 6am Saturday and 10am Sunday (animals will be checked for freshness). No trapped or snared animals will be accepted or counted. ANYONE BRINGING IN SUCH ANIMALS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! You must call all animals with mouth calls, lip squeaking, or electronics. NO hunting baited areas. There is no cap limit on animals, exceptone animal per species on Heavy Weight Jackpot. Every team MUST be at weigh-in IN LINE by 10am on Sunday to be eligible. You may have land owner with you if needed, but land owner may NOT help in any way. Giving, exchanging, or accepting any animal from anybody during the hunt will result in immediate disqualification from hunt. Participants may hunt anywhere in Texas. The entire team does not have to hunt the whole time (i.e. sleep, work), but all active hunters on your team must be on the same property and MUST hunt together (NO splitting up to hunt a property). Each team is responsible for the proper disposal of animals. All teams MUST follow Texas Parks and Wildlife Rules and Guidelines! Rules are subject to change without further notification. Trolling is NOT allowed. Night or thermal vision is NOT allowed. Please call Lee Calvert at (214) 864-5814 with any questions or concerns.

  • Date: 03/24/2018 06:00 AM - 03/25/2018 10:00 AM
  • Location: 209 U.S. 77, Waxahachie, TX 75165, USA (Map)